Under $100 Kitchen Appliances: Gift Items for a Cook with all the Utensils

There are people who already have all the Under $100 Kitchen Appliances you can ever think of (maybe you’re even one). Gifting them an appliance might seem like a hard task and you might be confused as to what to give them. Well, don’t worry as we are here to help you with that. There are appliances that are rare and not well known. These recommended items can be used as gift ideas for someone with a lot of cooking utensils.

  1. Magnetic Knife and Tool Bar

Magnetic Knife and Tool Bar

This equipment can be mounted under cabinets, on the walls, or in other places where a knife can be kept safely. It conserves space and helps to store and organize a variety of knives. Tools like a pizza cutter, tongs, a Microplane, and kitchen shears can all go on the toolbar. They are easily accessible and easy to use.

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  1. Thermal French Press Pot

Thermal French Press Pot

Recommended for both home use and travel. Lovers of coffee will love this because it has thermal properties that can keep coffee hot for up to 2 hours, unlike most coffee pots. It usually comes in handy when traveling and can be used in most hotel rooms. The thermal French press pot has everything needed for making a great cup of coffee.

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  1. Citrus/Juice Squeezer

This gadget is useful for squeezing and pressing juices from fruits. Juice can be extracted from limes, oranges, and lemons to make all sorts of fruit juice. The fruit squeezer is handy, easy to use and handle rather than bringing out a big juicer each time.

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  1. Froth Maker

Not everyone knows about this equipment. It can be used to froth milk for lattes and hot chocolate. When using it, add hot milk to it, pump it a few times, and watch your froth being made. It is easier to use than steamed or frothed milk from an espresso machine. Its cleaning is very simple because you can simply throw it into a dishwasher.

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  1. Food Scale

Used for measuring recipes and getting precise weights of ingredients. It is used mostly by bakers but can be used in the home as well when trying out new recipes from a recipe book. It has a pull-out display that makes reading the weight easier even when it is being covered by something.

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  1. Muffin Top Pan

Muffin Top Pan

Fixing a muffin with this equipment gives you the best bite and texture of a good muffin.Used for baking pancakes and mini pizzas perfectly well. It conserves time too as up to six eggs can be baked at once.

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  1. Innovation Pie Weight

Innovation Pie Weight

The Innovation Pie Weight is such an improvement over the traditional little pie weight balls use to make pre-baked pie crusts. Simply set it inside the prepared pie crust and it forms to fit it. The heavy bottom keeps the crust flat as it bakes. It is easy to use and also to clean as it is dishwasher-safe.

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  1. Butter Bell

butter bell

Used to keep butter fresh for a period of thirty days even without putting it in a refrigerator. It helps to make your butter stay fresh and soft. Soft butter is spreadable and the butter bell can help out when making something that needs some soft butter as a finishing touch. The butter bell helps keep your butter from spoilage or odours.

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There are many  Under $100 Kitchen Appliances we can keep recommending but these would do for now. Share some of the appliances you use in making cooking easier and are not mainstream below.

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